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Gas detector SGO, designed and developed by Electronstandart-pribor, is based on the optical principle of operation. It has been determined by the increasing demand for optical gas detectors due to their numerous advantages. In order to increase zero stability and to compensate possible influence of humidity as well as other factors, SGO provides self-compensating double-beam optical scheme. Another advantage of SGO series is that there is no contact between gas and sensors. As a consequence these gas detectors can be used for monitoring of aggressive substances and compounds. Along with high selectivity, fast response time and short recovery period of SGO sensors, JSC “Electronstandart-pribor” has reached a very advantageous correlation of price and quality. Use of optical sensors enables us to guarantee more then 10 years of operation in extremely severe environment and high-risk industrial facilities. Gas detectors SGO can be used as parts of gas-analyzing system SGAES-TN at customers request. SGAES-TN consists of gas detectors and control panel UPES. This system is to be used both independently and integrally in automatic control systems at industrial facilities with the possibility to connect up to 480 gas detectors. The main reason for high annual sales-level of “Electronstandart-pribor’s” products is their compliance to the latest requirements of our customers. Among these are: after-sales services, case-by-case basis of work with a client, flexible discount system.


• Power stations and petroleum and gas car stations
• Storages of combustive-lubricating materials
• Residential areas of municipal economies
• Tank ships and other vessels
• Agro industrial complexes
• Environmental authorities
• Varnish and dye industry
• Storage of oily products
• Oil and gas industry
• Boiler stations 

• Low power consumption • Indoor and outdoor installation
• Control of immaculacy of optics
• Analog, relay and digital outputs
• Tolerance of high levels of vibration
• Resistance to fog and high humidity
• Wide range of operating temperature
• Equal sensitivity to main hydrocarbons
• High sensitivity and longevity over 10 years
• Protection from direct contact with contaminants
• Detection of wire break and type of failure for each gas detector

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