Toxic Gas Sensor Head, Flame Proof Sensor, Weather Proof Sensor, Mumbai, India


Toxic Gas Sensor Head



Model gaZsens Tx is dual safety device having combination of flame proof, weather proof certified (Ex'd') sensor housing & intrinsically safe (Exia) transmitter by CIMFR, Dhabad (formerly known as CMRI), to be use in hazardous area for detection of Toxic gases like HS & others. The model gaZsens Tx toxic gas 2 sensor with transmitter having ranges 0-20/50/100 ppm. The detection is via electrochemical cell technology. This provides reliable and stable detection of toxic gases like Hydrogen Sulphide. The gaZsens Tx having two-wire 4-20mA analogue output following the industry standards.

Toxic Gas Sensor FEATURES :

CIMFR certified. Designed to flameproof as per IS 2148:2004(IEC60079-1/2001) & Weatherproof as    per IS 12063-1987(IEC 60529-1989) for use in hazardous area application
  IP 55 sensor housing with a choice of threads. Flexibility for all installations
  Electrochemical cell sensing technology. Proven, fast, reliable with a typical life of 2 years
  Easy maintenance. Exchangeable electrochemical cells while powered

 Offshore, onshore, petrochemical and chemical industries Water treatment; semiconductor fabrication
 Gas processing plants Compressor stations LNG plants Sewage & Water treatment plants
 Gas Turbines Pharmaceutical & Steel Industries

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