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About Us:
- Pollution Protection Systems Mumbai Pvt. Ltd (PPS) Company established in “1994”. PPS Designs, develops, manufactures and supplies highly reliable, cost effective instruments and systems as well as services for Gas Detection and Monitoring. Apart from systems suppliers PPS also provides solutions related to Gas Detection & Flame Detection.

PPS serves the growing demands of industries like Chemicals, Oil, Gas & Petrochemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Steel, and Refineries
as well as major Capital industries.

PPS aims to provide unique service levels to our customers by continuously improving our ability to assess and surpass their needs.

Our Company’s work is based on integrated equipment of customer’s facilities with systems of Fire and Gas Detection, including:
: Projecting of the given systems subject to integration in systems of industrial control and separately;
: Manufacturing and supply of the given systems;
: Mounting, starting-up and adjustments;
: Warranty and after sales services.
: And Calibration.

Our Product range includes:
: Portable Gas Detectors (For Toxic/ Combustible & Oxygen): Model “gaZguard”.
: Online Gas Analyzers (Oxygen): Model “gaZpro”.
: Continuous Gas Monitoring System (For Toxic/ Combustible & Oxygen): Model “gaZalarm with gaZsens”.

Other Products:
: Stack Monitoring Systems.
: Personal Gas Samplers.
: Calibration Gases, regulators & other accessories.

All the respective licenses and certificates on the territories of India are issued to our company
For Portable Detectors: Model gaZguard
: Tested and certified for intrinsically safe as per IS 5780 by ERTL, Kolkata.
: Approved by Beuro Of Indian Standards. (B.I.S.) for ISI mark as per IS5780.
: Approved by Chief Controller Of Explosives (C.C.O.E.), Nagpur as Per IS5780.

For Continuous Gas Monitoring System : Model “gaZalarm & gaZsens”.
: Certified for Explosion proof & Weather Proof (IP55) Sensor Housing safe as per IS2148 by CMRI, DHANBAD.

: Approved by Beuro Of Indian Standards. (B.I.S.) for ISI mark as per IS2148. License No: CM/L – 7850082.
: Approved by Chief Controller Of Explosives (C.C.O.E.), Nagpur as Per IS2148.

     Sole Distributors and Authorized Service centers for:

1.  “JSC” Electronstandart-Pribor, Russia With a Various Product range:
     : Optical IR Gas Sensors.
     : Gas Monitoring System (UPES).

    : Fire Informers IPES(UV/IR flame detectors).
      It is designed to find fire and generate alert signal.
      Various modifications of IPES with multiple utilities.
      Various Types of Flame Detectors like UV, UV/IR, IR & 3IR.

2.  “Sensit Technologies INC”, U.S.A.
      With a Various Product range:
     : Portable Single as well as Multi Gas Detectors.

3.  “Senscient Inc”, TEXAS, USA
      State of The Art Open path Gas Detectors Based on Enhanced Laser Diode Spectroscopy (ELDS) for
      measurements of Hydrocarbon as well as Toxic gases Like Hydrogen Sulphide, Fluoride, Ammonia etc.

Our Performance:

We are in this field for last 14 years. We have supplied our instruments as well as services to many big industries in both Public
and Private sector.

    : HPCL, IOCL, TATA Steel, Jindal Steel, Essar Steel, Reliance Industries, BMC, B.A.R.C., C.A.T, N.P.C.I.L, R.G.P.P.L, Naval Dockyard, N.M.R.L.,  
      H.P.C.L., I.O.C.L., B.P.C.L, Rashtriya Chemicals & Fertilizers. And  many more


Regd. Off & Works : 226 / 115, Devendra Industrial Estate, Lokmanya Nagar, Pada No. 2, Yashodhan Nagar, Thane (W) - 400 606. Maharashtra, INDIA.
  Telephone No. -022-25883328, 022-25856570, 022-25886457


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