Conventional Control Card

Conventional Control Card

Products Description

The PI-00 single control module is part of the gaZalarm control family and provides sensor control, signal processing and comprehensive alarming of any resulting gas detected. There are two versions; one is for IR/Catalytic combustion bridge type for combustible gas detection and the other is electrochemical type for oxygen / toxic gas detection like (HSCO) etc., accept 4-20mA signal from sensors transmitter.

The 2 card input function is selected by a specific plug-in module; optional output modules are also available. Each card has numeric LED display which provides sensor readings in %LEL / PPM / %VOL.

Senscient ELDS Series 1000 Methane Detector -

  • Advanced solid state Electronic Digital Display
  • Un-ambiguous digital display
  • Common card design
  • Fully configurable
  • Inbuilt Potentiometer for settings
  • Plug-in input and output options

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